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About Us

We are a small team from China, passionate about CG production. We have a deep love for digital asset creation, particularly because we believe that through these assets, we can create a world full of infinite possibilities and provide fascinating experiences for everyone. We are excited about the opportunity to help more people and collaborate in creating breathtaking CG works.

Through PBRPX, we provide artists with completely free, unrestricted digital assets, allowing them to unleash their creativity.

You May Want Know

Why we created PBRPX?

The purpose of creating the PBRPX CC0 digital asset library is to meet the needs of artists, designers, and creators by providing high-quality and free digital assets. We believe that art should be free and open, and everyone should have the freedom to use and share excellent digital assets.

By sharing free digital assets, we aim to promote the dissemination and sharing of creativity, as well as drive the development and progress of the entire creative community. We encourage artists to share their work with other creators, forming a community that inspires and supports one another.

On the other hand, with the rapid advancement of AI technology, more and more individuals and small studios are now able to engage in creative productions such as films and games at a faster pace. We hope to assist them and accelerate this process.

How we use your sponsorship fees?

The sponsorship funds are primarily used to cover website server expenses, equipment upgrades for filming, travel expenses, and employee salaries.

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Our growth relies on your support. If you enjoy what we are currently doing and would like to contribute to helping others through our efforts, you can support us on Patreon, Your support will help us grow faster and increase our update speed.

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